Lightning fast WordPress

Managed WordPress that makes your website up to 3 times faster

WP Hosting 1

Maintain 1 domain


Traffic: 80 GB/mo

Power: 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM

PHP memory: 512 Mt

SSL (https)


10 email accounts

14 day satisfaction guarantee.

8,79 € /month*
(+ vat 24%)


WP Hosting 2

Maintain 2 domains


Traffic: 200 GB/mo

Power: 2 CPU, 2 GB RAM

PHP memory: 512 Mt

SSL (https)


50 email accounts

14 day satisfaction guarantee.

16,86 € /month*
(+ vat 24%)


Most powerful

*Prices with the 1 year billing cycle. The pricing list can be found from here.

Why choose WordPress Hosting?

WordPress pre-installed and optimized


WordPress Cache

Server-Level Full-Page Cache specifically developed for WordPress.


Automatic updates

WordPress and plugins are automatically updated


Newest technology

WordPress optimized firewall and faster PHP with version 7.3 QUIC ja HTTP/2 technologies makes the connections to the server faster.



WooCommerce webshops work nicely in our service.


SSL certificates

HTTPS connections is installed automatically for your website with Let’s Encrypt certificate


SSD storage system

Our servers located in Helsinki uses a fast SSD storage system.

Speed before anything else

Our goal is to make the fastest platform for WordPress sites. Litespeed server and LiteCache cache deliver superior performance to your WordPress site.

Transfer of WordPress sites

We can transfer your existing WordPress sites to our service free of charge.

* We offer the transfer for sites. In order to do the transfer we need FTP credentials and access to MySQL-database. We do not transfer sites made in the service.

WordPress LiteSpeed Cache features

We want that your website is as fast as possible and that your site gets a good PageSpeed score. LiteSpeed Cache helps with getting as good score as possible.

  • Server-Level Full-Page Cach
  • Private Cache
  • Lazy Load Images
  • Image Optimization
  • CSS/JavaScript Combination
  • Database Optimization

WordPress Hosting or regular Shared Hosting?

WordPress can be used in our regular Web Hosting plans and WordPress Hosting plans. Usually for WordPress sites it is best to choose WordPress Hosting.

Reasons to choose regular web hosting?

  • You use also other software besides WordPress
  • You site is lightweight
  • You sites does not have many visitors

Reasons to choose WordPress Hosting?

  • The speed of your site is important
  • You have a lot of visitors
  • You don’t want to do the updates yourself
  • You want an installed and optimized WordPress
  • Server level cache is faster that other cache methods
  • Fewer customers per server compared to regular shared hosting