There has been many improvements in the new Sitebuilder version. Here is a list of some of the improvements:

  • Users can see how their sites will look on the most popular mobile devices before publishing the sites on the Internet.
  • Users can add a Twitter feed to their sites.
  • Users can switch off automatic mobile optimizations for websites
  • The Map module now provides controls for interaction with maps and for setting multiple location markers
  • Users can apply styles to website modules and website menu items: backgrounds, font color, padding, margins, corner shapes, and shadows.
  • The quality of generated designs was improved.
  • The transparency of background images can be adjusted.
  • Users can add several Banner modules to a site, and add text and images into Banner modules.
  • Bannerien kuvavalikoimaan lisätty lisää kuvia
  • The library of background images was extended with new images.
  • Users can insert links to external pages into the website navigation menu.


mobiililaite_2 tyylien_muuttaminen

Picture 1. You can see how the site looks on mobile devices before publishing.

Picture 2. Apply styles to website modules and website menu items.

Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9 are no longer supported. Please update to newer version of IE, if needed.