Ficora is the registry for .fi domain names. From 5 September 2016 a new operation model will be taken in use. This model will clarify the roles of FICORA and registrars. Some restrictions will be removed with the new operational model After the change everyone can register a .fi domain name. Hence also companies and privat persons from outside of Finland can register .fi domain names.

fi domain renewed

The change means that each domain name holder must have their own registrar. It is the registrar’s duty to administer domain names on behalf of the holder and manage the customer relationship. After the change domains can no longer be registered or renewed directly through Ficora. (Suomen Hostingpalvelu Oy) will continue to be a .fi domain registrar after the change.

Required actions for .fi domain name holders:

1. If your .fi domain name uses our name servers ( ja
No action is required.

It’s the default settings to use our name servers. If you have not changed them you are using our name servers.

2. If your .fi domain name does not use our name servers (you have changed the name servers):
– Go to the client area and change the authorisation key at the domain page at My domains -> Manage -> Authorisation key.
– If you do not have a authorisation key you can order a new from the address below:
– When the authorisation key is saved, will continue to be your registrar after the change.
-If you domain is not shown at our customer pages, please contact us. You can also order a domain transfer from our order page.

You can find more information about the change at Ficoras website:

You can search for a new domain name at our domain page.