Updating Software and Add-ons
Content-management-systems, online stores, forums and other systems including their add-ons and themes shall always be kept up to date. Most of the systems can be updated directly through their own management section.

We also recommend to remove the add-ons, scripts, and themes that are not longer in use. These easily remain un-updated causing a security risk.

We ask you to contact our customer service if you need more information or assistance in this matter.

Strong passwords
Generally, attackers can get hold of your password in two ways: brute-force attack or a virus on your computer. Thus, it is important to choose a sufficiently strong password and keep your personal computer’s security at a high level.

A strong enough password meets the following criteria:

  • At least eight characters long
  • Includes uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Includes numbers
  • Includes special characters (e.g. . .,)->@!€)?<# )