This guide will show you how you can add, edit and delete pages and change their order in the website made with site builder.

Choose ‘Pages’ from the toolbar.


Click on the page you wish to edit.


When the page shows as green it’s selected. You can change it’s name, delete it or change the order of the pages. Now we want to remove the page ‘Wishlist’ so we click ‘Delete page’.


The page is removed like shown in the picture. After you leave this page you have to accept the changes when prompted.


Click ‘Add page’. After that there is a new page added to the list with a green background. You can change it’s position by clicking the arrows next to it. Change the name of the page in the text field ‘Page name in navigation’.


In the example picture, we will write ‘Wedding venue’. The name is instantly updated in the menus. When you have made all the changes you want to, click ‘OK’.


After you have saved the changes, you will get a confirmation message, as shown in the picture.


Choose the page you wish to move by clicking it. When a page is selected, you can move it by clicking the arrow buttons next to it. In the example picture, we will move the ‘Wedding venue’ page upwards by clicking the arrow pointing upwards.


The page has moved up few pages.


After you have made all the changes, click ‘OK’ from the bottom. When the changes are saved, you will see a confirmation message on top of the toolbar.