This guide will show you how you can add and edit text, links and pictures in your website.

With your mouse, click the text field you wish to edit.


You should see the editor like in the picture. This will help you to edit text. You can add, edit and delete texts and add pictures, links and tables. You can also edit the HTML-code through the editor.



To edit text, select it by painting it with your mouse. In this example we will write a new title and enlarge it.


Size of the title is selected from the top-left corner of the editor.


Add a link by choosing a text you wish attach the link to. For search engine optimization, it would be better to use a name for the link instead of using standard link names i.e. “Read more”. In this example we will add a link to the wedding presents page.


Click the “link” button in the lower right corner.


In the window that pops up, choose whether the link target is in this page or a different URL-address. You can also link to your uploaded documents.


You can see the linkable pages by clicking the drop-down menu (‘Choose page’).


You can also link another URL-addresses. In this example we are linking to the page

When a link is succesfully added, it shows as a blue underlined text.


To add a picture, click ‘picture’ from the top right corner of the editor.


Choose the picture you want from your computer.
Now you can choose how you want to align the picture to the text. You can also add a caption to the picture.


Now you can see the picture in the text field.