After you have created an email address in our control panel, you can send and receive emails using your Android phone. Please note that not all Android phone setting structures are the same, so your phone settings might be a little different.

1. Open your email program.
2. Press the ‘Menu’ button.
3. Press ‘Add account’ button.

Enter the email address and the password you created.
Choose ‘IMAP’.
When the phone asks for your username and password, enter your whole email address as username and the same password you put in earlier.
Palvelin asetukset
1. In ‘IMAP-mail server’, enter your server address (provided to you in the email you got from Hostingpalvelu upon registration). Server address is in form, where X is the server number where your site is located.
2. Use ‘SSL’.
3. Use the standard port 993.
4. IMAP-addresses prefix name can be left blank.

1. In SMTP-mail server, set the same server address you entered previously (
2. Use ‘SSL’ and port 465.
3. Enter your email address and password once again.