This guide will help you to configure your email to Windows phone. Please note that not all windows phones are the same so your settings may be a little different.

1. Choose settings

2. Go to email + accounts

3. Choose ‘Add Account’

4. Choose ‘More options’

5. Enter your email address and password

6. Choose next.

7. Enter your account name and display name

8. Incoming mail server information was given to you by an email sent from Hostingpalvelu upon registration (, where X is the number of the server you are located).

9. Choose account type and select IMAP.

10. For your username, enter the whole email address (i.e. and the password.

11. Outgoing mail servers address is the same as incoming (

12. Important: Please notice that ‘Server requires authentication’ option must be selected. Use the same username and password as before.

13. From more options, enable the following:
Use SSL in incoming mail.
Use SSL in outgoing mail.

14. Your account should now be configured and you can try to sign in.

Possible issues and solutions:
In this case the mail should work properly. If your Lumia informs that additional actions are required, click the message. If it asks you to enter your username/password again, you have propably typed them wrong. Check that you have your username is your whole email address (i.e. and that the password is written correctly. Also check that the mail server names are correct. If you are unsure what is your server address, you can contact our customer service.

If you get an error with a code 80072FA8, you are most likely having problems with internet connection. Check that your connection is working and try again. If possible, try using WLAN. If you are still having problems, try rebooting your phone.