1. Upload a picture to the server e.g. using file manager found in control manager. If you upload the picture to the root of public_html, your picture can be found at https://www.yourdomain.fi/logoname.jpg

2. Log in to Roundcube and go to Settings -> Identities -> Signature.

3. Make sure that the ‘HTML-signature’ is checked. After this, click the HTML-button found in the editors toolbar. Finally, add the following line to the end:

<img src=”http://www.yourdomain.fi/logoname.jpg” alt=”” />

In this example, the logo name is logoname.jpg. If you uploaded the picture with a different name or filetype, you need to change the code accordinly. Also change the “yourdomain.fi” with your domain name.

Step 1 only has to be done once. Steps 2 and 3 has to be repeated for each email account you wish to have a logo signature.