Mailing lists allow you to simplify email sending to a crowd of people. You can add a group of email addresses to a mailing list without needing to write the addresses every time you want to send them email. All you have to do is send the mail to the mailing list address and it automatically sends them to every address in the list. This is very handy when sending large amounts of mails i.e. offers, notifications etc.

Creating a mailing list


1. In control panel, click ‘Mailing lists’

2. Fill in the following:

Name of the list (Name of the mailing list)
Password (For editing the mailing list)
Password again
Choose a domain for the mailing list (if you have more than 1).

3. Click ‘Add mailing list’ After adding it, you should see a confirmation message.

4. Click ‘Go back’.

5. Your new mailing list is visible in the list. You can choose from 3 options:

Delete (Deletes the list)
Change Password (new password for this list)
Modify (This is where you will modify the mailing list).

6. Click ‘Modify’, so you can add the email addresses. You will be redirected to a 3rd party program called ‘Mailman’.

Useful tips for using Mailman:

From ”Language Options” you can change the language.
From ”Membership Management” choosing ”mass subscription” you can add multiple email addresses to the list (1 per line).

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