This guide will show how to configure your email to Mozilla Thunderbird.

After you’ve created a new email account in control panel, you can send and receive emails in Mozilla Thunderbird
1. Go to ‘Tools’ and ‘Account details’.

2. From bottom left, go to ‘Add account’.

3. Choose ‘Email account’and click next.

4. Write your name (the receiver will see this name) and the email address that you created earlier in control panel. After these steps, click next.

5. Choose ‘IMAP’ for email protocol and write the server information given to you in an email upon registration to our services. When you are ready, click next.

6. Now Thunderbird should ask for a username. Write the whole email address here (i.e. When ready, click next.

7. Choose a name for the account. This is just for your own use. When ready, click next.

8. Accept automatic creation. In this stage the sending servers username and server name are wrong, but we will correct them later in this guide.

9. Go to account properties. On bottom left, you should see a “outgoing mail server (SMTP)”. Click ‘More…’.

10. You should now see a SMTP-server window. Write the mail server that was given to you in an email upon registering to our services. Check that ‘use username and password’ is enabled and there is the email address that you created. From the lower right corner, choose SSL and make sure that port number is 465.

When ready, click OK.

11. Next we need to make sure that the outgoing mail server is correct. go to account management. In the bottom right corner there is ‘Outgoing mail server (SMTP)’. Check that the email address you created is selected. If not, choose it from the drop-down menu. When ready, click OK.

12. Newxt, go to the accounts mail server properties. From SSL choose ‘use protected connection’. Check that the port number is set to 993. When ready, click OK.

13. Your email should now be correctly configured. Try sending and receiving emails. Thunderbird may stutter during sending process and try to copy the email to the ‘Sent’ folder (in reality, the email has already been sent). If this happens, you can fix this by going to your account and clicking ‘copies and folders’ and choosing ‘local folders’ from the drop-down menu.