After you have created an email account in control panel, you can send and receive emails with Outlook.

1.From tools, choose ‘Accounts’.

2.Click ‘Add’ and choose email.

3. Choose a display name.

4. Write the complete email address that you created in control panel earlier (i.e.

5. Choose ‘IMAP’ for email protocol. Write the receiving and sending server names (this info is available in the email you got from us when you signed up). When ready, click next.

6. For username, write the complete email address that you created in the control panel earlier. Type your email accounts password. Click next.

7. Choose the email account you just created and right click it with your mouse. Choose ‘properties’.

8. From ‘Servers’ tab, check that the ‘server requires authentication’ option is enabled. Move to tab ‘protection’

9. Check that both ‘This server requires SSL protection’ options are enabled. Also check that sending servers port number (SMTP) is 465 and receiving server (IMAP) is 993. After you have made these changes, click OK. You should now be able to send and receive emails in Outlook.