This guide will help you to configure your email account to Windows Mail.

After you’ve created an email account in our control panel, you can send and receive emails with Windows Mail.

1. From tools, click ‘Accounts’.

2. Click ‘Add’.

3. Choose ‘Email Account’.

4. Add your display name.

5. Write your email address.

6. Choose incoming mail server (IMAP). Write the mail servers names provided to you in the email you received from upon registration.NOTICE: Choose ‘Outgoing server requires authentication’. When ready, click next.

7. For username, write the whole email address (i.e. and the password you used to create the email account. Click next.

8. Next you will get a note that says the settings have been succesfully configured. Configuration is still not completely done, that’s why you should choose ‘Don’t download my emails and folders now’ and click ‘Finish’.

9. Choose the email you just created and click ‘properties’.

10. Go to ‘mail servers’ tab and make sure that the ‘mail server requires authentication’ option is enabled.

11. Choose ‘sign in by using’ and in the username field, write the whole email address. In the password field, write your email addresses password.

12. Choose the tab ‘More options’. For both incoming and outgoing mail servers, choose ‘This server requires SSL-protection’. Set the outgoing mail server (SMTP) port to 465 and incoming mail server (IMAP) port to 993. Click OK and your email should be configured to Windows Mail.