You can install one certificate per web hotel package (basic plan or company plan). A trusted certificate can be ordered in our order form.

Log in to control panel and open SSL/TLS management.

Create your personal key by pressing ‘Create, look, download or delete personal keys.

– In the Host field, write the address that the certificate will be installed (i.e. Attention! certificate will only be installed to one address, so if you want the certificate to work with the www-prefix, please add it to the domain.
– Choose the key size to 2048 bits.

When you create a new key, this is all you need to fill.

Create a signature request in SSL management in ‘Create, view or delete SSL- signature requests’. From the ‘Key’ dropdown box, select the key you generated earlier.

Copy the signature request.
Open the SSL certificate configuration email we sent you and click the link in the email. We send you the email after the certificate has been paid.

Choose the server type ’cPanel / WHM’ and copy the signature request (CSR) from the control panel.

Click next. SSL-certificates confirmationrequest will be sent to the email address you chose (i.e. When this is accepted, certificate details will be sent to the account holders email address.
In SSL management in the control panel, go to ‘Install certificate to your site’.

From the menu, choose the domain that you wish the certificate to be installed and paste the certificate to the CRT field. If the server doesn’t automatically find the key, you can copy it for ‘personal keys’.

The following information needed is found from the SSL-email. The first one is pasted to the CRT field and the second one to the CA Bundle field.