Would you like to have access to your web hotel files without login to control panel? Would you like to be able to save your files from Word straight to the server?
This guide will guide you to ftp-disk space management.

Notice! This guide is for Windows 7, but it might be useful for other operating systems.

Go to 'FTP-accounts' in control panel.

Create a new FTP account. If you leave the 'folder'-field empty, it will use your root folder (public_html). If you wish to use only 1 folder through ftp, you can put i.e. 'weblevy'. Finally, press 'Create FTP account'. Go back to control panel front page.

It is recommended to make your ftp folder password protected if you don't want everyone to have reading rights to the files. Go to file manager and right click the folder you created and select 'Password Protect'.

To enable password protection, choose the 'Password protect this folder' option. Press 'Save'. System will announce that the folder is protected. Press the 'Back' button. Now we need to fill the user information for the folder. You can use the same information you did in the FTP-account (easier to remember). Press 'add/edit user' after you have filled the information. Now the password protection is done.

Now you need to enter this information to Windows explorer. Click Start -> Computer.

From the top, choose 'Map network drive'.

Choose 'Connect to a Web site that use can use to store your documents and pictures'.

An installation wizard should pop up. In the first window, click Next.

Click Next again.

Network address should be either the server address (recommended) 'serverX.hostingpalvelu.fi (where serverX is the name of your server, you can see this in control panel under 'server details') or your own domain in the following form: ftp://yourdomain.com'

In this stage, install wizard asks if you want to log in anonymously or by logging in. Choose 'Log in anonymously' and lick Next.

Now you can choose a name for this folder. You can put what you like i.e. 'domain files'.

Press Finish, and the system will try to log in to the folder.

Now the system asks for ftp login details. Enter your username and password you created earlier.

Web folder should now work properly.