Go to control panel and click on ”Installer”.
If you have a WordPress plan, you will see ”WordPress-hallinta” instead.
In our WordPress hosting plans WordPress is pre-installed.

Open ”Applications browser” and choose WordPress.

Click on ”install this application”.

Now you can modify the installation settings:
Domain: Select a domain. The drop-down list contains all domains and sub-domains known to be associated with your web hosting control panel login.
Directory: Leave this field empty if you wish to install into the “root” (or home directory, or top-level directory) of the domain.
Automatic update: You can choose if you want WordPress to be updated automatically.
Administrator username and password: You can modify your username and password.
When you are ready, click on ”install” at the bottom of the page.

When the installation is done you can see it in ”My applications” list. You can login to administrator site from link ”www.yourdomain.fi/wp-admin/” (in example picture www.hostingpalveluohje.fi/wp-admin/ ).