This guide will show you, how you can move your site to the server using FTP programs.

FTP connection

Internet is full of free FTP-programs that allow you to transfer files to/from your server. In this guide we will be using FileZilla, which can be downloaded free from here.

Create a connection to the FTP-server. Login/server information was given to you in an email sent to you upon registration.

  • Server address (Host): “”, where x is the name of your server (given in the email)
  • Username: your username, same as the cPanel username (given in the email)
  • Password: your password, same as the cPanel password (given in the email)
  • Port: 21 (given in the email)

If the program gives you this kind of notice, you can just click “OK”.


After the connection is establised, open the public_html folder. This is your hosting plan main domain’s public root folder, so all the files downloaded here will be shown in your website in your address (i.e.

By default, there are few folders and an index.php file in the public_html folder.
index.php file can be removed.

Transferring your files

You can publish your site by dragging the files and folders to the server.

Please note that the main sites file name should be either index.php, index.htm or index.html

If you want to publish your site for example to, you need to create a folder named “site2” inside the public_html folder, and move your site files there.

Updating your website

You can use this same guide for updating your site via FTP. During the updating, your old files are being replaced with new ones.