Because of security reasons we will not send the password for cPanel via email anymore.

When you order a new hosting plan we will send you the information about your new service. The email includes your cPanel username and mail settings as well as some other information but not the password. You can still log in to your cPanel via your client area but if you wish to make a ftp connection or give the login credentials to someone else, you should define the password first by following these instructions:

1. Log in to your client area and click “Manage” next to your hosting plan. You can manage your services by clicking the “Services” on the upper left corner also.


2. Now, click “Change Password”.


3. Set the new password of your liking, type it again and click “Save Changes”.


Please note, that the password is the same as your ftp main user’s password. Our instructions for using ftp can be found from here.