This guide will show how you can publish your site to your web hotel using Apple iWeb.

After you open the program, click the site name in the top left corner to get to the ftp-settings.

Select ‘FTP-server’ for your publishing method. Here you can also add your site name and your email address.

When you registered to our services we sent you an email where you can find all the information you need, including your FTP server, username and password. Fill in the information with that data.

Folder/Path needs to be public_html/ if you want to publish your site to the root of your domain, i.e.

If you want to publish your site to somewhere else, like, you need to write public_html/something/. You may need to create this directory to the server before iWeb recognizes it. You can do so for example using our file manager located in the control panel.

Finally, add the name of the domain your website is going to.

You can now publish your site.