Effortless install of over one hundred applications.

Included in every web hosting plan

  • Easily install a photo gallery, blog, online store or a forum.
  • Install the software with just a few clicks
  • Once installed, you can edit the appearance
  • Included in every web hosting plan



Install a CMS

We have support for newest verisons of content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. These content management systems are free, versatile and are accessed with a internet browser. You can easily add and edit content of your website. Content management systems are suitable for both large enterprises and private individuals. They have limitless possibilities.

Easy updates

Updating software is easy. With our installer you can easily create backups and update your installed software. Updates requires just a few clicks. You can always return to your backup version, if you’re not satisfied with the update.

Installer is included in every web hosting plan

The installer is included in all of our web hosting plans . Most of the applications (e-commerce, cms, forums) requires a database. Our starter plan has only one database, our basic plan has five databases and our company plan has a limitless amount of databases.

Most popular applications:

  • WordPress – WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. It is modern, easy-to-use and has tons of plugins available.
  • Joomla! – Joomla is also a very popular CMS, that is easy-to-use. You can easily add content to your website with Joomla.
  • Drupal – With Drupal you can easily create a website for your company or private needs.
  • Magento – Magento is a scalable and elastic ecommerce solution. With Magento you have full control of your ecommerces content, appearance and functionality.
  • phpBB – phpBB is a open-source forum application. You can easily modify the appearance as you wish.
  • MediaWiki – With MediaWiki it is easy to create a wiki site. The content is editable by users.
  • OwnCloud – OwnCloud is a great solution for storing data privately in your web hosting service. You can access your files from anywhere at anytime.