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The amount of CPU cores


The amount of RAM

Disk space

The amount of SSD disk space

IP addresses

The amount of public IP addresses

300 GB monthly bandwidth included. Additional bandwidth: 0,10€/GB.


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What is a Cloud Server?

A Cloud Server is a virtual server with scalable resources and with more fault-tolerant and secure infrastructure designs. Cloud server is ready to use immediately and you can scale it according to your needs.

High Performance

We have newest hardware on our servers, SANs and switches. Our architecture is resistant to data disk failure. We use RAID 10 with fault tolerance and improved performance on our SAN’s disks.

High Availability

In the case of any failure the cloud servers are automatically migrated to ensure you server keeps up and running.


A daily backup is included. You can also create your own backup, when needed.

Full Control

Whenever needed, you can restart, shut down or recreate your server (even with a new operating system).

Technical details

  • Full control
  • SSD storage
  • Guaranteed resources: RAM and CPU.
  • All components duplicated (switches, network cards, servers)
  • Daily backups
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Remote console: control your cloud server with your web browser.

Failover and Hot MigrationHot migration and auto-failover to make sure your server keeps up and running
Xen virtualization: takes care that a single customer can’t abuse resources of other users.
We use reliable HP Proliant servers and Juniper switches.

Operating systems

You can choose your Operating System from the options below. You can recreate the cloud server with a new operating system, if needed.

  • CentOS 6.5
  • CentOS 7.0

  • Debian 7.0
  • Debian 8.0

  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Ubuntu 16.04

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