Loopia Group AB has signed an agreement to acquire Suomen Hostingpalvelu Oy via the subsidiary Planeetta Internet Oy. The acquisition will be the second in Finland for the group that acquired Planeetta Internet Oy in August 2019, continuing to execute on the Group’s growth strategy in the Nordic countries and Central Eastern Europe.

Hostingpalvelu holds a strong position in the Finnish market and is known for fast and smooth connections, as well as a high level of customer support. Focus on customer satisfaction is an important factor behind the company’s consistent growth since 2008.

“Hostingpalvelu’s strong competence in creating a superior customer experience and smart domain services complement the business in Loopia Group. Furthermore, it supports our ambition to build a strong, sustainable, tech company that delivers an excellent user experience, technological innovations and outstanding local support to small and medium sized businesses and consumers across Europe”, says Sara Laurell, CEO Loopia Group.

“This was the right time to sell our companies as the consolidation continues in the Hosting business. We are delighted to find a buyer who values our customers and employees”, says Manu Paajanen, co-founder and CEO of Suomen Hostingpalvelu Oy and co-founder in Domainhotelli Oy.

“I am very excited about this acquisition and especially that we were acquired by Loopia Group, which is one of the largest hosting groups in the Nordic countries. With their financial resources, it is possible to further develop our customer-oriented and innovative operations in Finland”, says Jussi Kolhinoja, co-founder and CFO in Suomen Hostingpalvelu Oy and co-founder in Domainhotelli Oy.

After the transaction, Loopia will have over 300 employees and 600 000 customers in Nordic, Central Eastern Europe, and in a few Western European markets.

About Loopia Group
Loopia Group is an innovative European web services and hosting business with its largest operations in Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Loopia also provides services to customers in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway, Serbia and Spain. Our main brands are Loopia, Active24, Websupport, Magyar and Planeetta. Since June 2018, Loopia Group has been owned by Axcel, a Nordic private equity firm focusing on mid-market companies.


We have updated our hosting plans and at the same time updated the pricing for some shared hosing plans. We apologize that this post in English was posted late and some of our English speaking clients have received the invoice with updated pricing already before.

Price revision
We are increasing the price of the Starter Plan and Basic Plan in our Shared hosting plans. The reason for the rise in prices is the increase in costs. Software prices for our software, such as cPanel, have risen.

The new price of the Starter Plan is € 5.90 per month (incl. VAT 24%). The old price was € 3.90

The new price for the Basic Plan is € 9.90 per month (incl. VAT 24%). The old price was € 7.90.

The actual price for the billing period depends on the billing period you have chosen. Thus, for example, for a one-year billing period, Starter Plan will cost 76.80€ (before 52.80€) and the Basic Plan will cost 124.80€ (before 100.80€).
Here you will find a new price list.

Prices for Company Plans and WP hosting remain unchanged.

New Web Hosting Plan Features
At the same time, we have changed the contents of the shared hosting plans. The Starter Plan now includes 2 gigabytes of disk space instead of the previous 1 gigabyte. The Basic Plan contains 5 gigabytes of disk space instead of the previous 4. At the same time, traffic allowance for all standard hosting plans has been increased as follows:
Starter Plan 10GB / month -> 20GB / month
Basic Plan 40GB / month -> 80GB / month
Company Plan 100GB / month -> 200GB / month
Company PlanX2 200GB / month -> 400GB / month


We’ve received some reports that there are some scam invoices being sent in bad Finnish related to registering a domain. The scam invoices in question don’t tell what domain they concern. The invoices include a Spanish banking account number. The invoice name of the company is “Hosting Service Finland”. That ‘brand’ is not ours.

Do not pay those scam invoices.

As a reminder, the invoices we send to you can always be paid also from Client Area
There you will also find a listing of paid and unpaid invoices. In addition, please remember that invoices can only be paid to our Finnish banking account number (Account number begins with FI).

The invoices we send always state what the invoice is for and the time period it covers. However, if you are unsure about our invoice, you can always contact our customer service.


We will update our systems on Friday, April 19, 2019, from 00:00 to 03:00.

Impact: The updates will cause interruptions in all services for about 30 minutes. The interruption applies to Hosting packages, WP hosting and cloud servers. Cloud servers are restarted during the upgrade.


The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has entered into force on 25 May. The regulation applies to all organizations that have personal data or who handle personal data records. The Regulation applies to all data that allows a person to be individually identified. The Regulation deals with the privacy of this data, gives rights to individuals, and imposes obligations on organizations.

Because of the new Data Protection Regulation we have updated our Terms of Service. A Personal Data Processing Agreement has been annexed to the terms of the contract. We have also released a description of Processing of personal data in shared hosting service

All of these documents can be found on our Terms & Conditions page.


The customer service is closed on Friday 24.11.2017 from 14.00 because of a training event. Both the phone customer service and chat are closed. We will respond to urgent support requests by email.

We wish our customers fun Black Friday!


Here you can find instructions how to restore or download your backups.


Automatic backups are done four times a day and retained for two weeks in our cloud hosting plans. In our WordPress hosting plans automatic backups are done three times a day. You can see and restore these backups via control panel in ”Automatic backups”.

Varmuuskopioiden palautus

Restoring files

1. First choose a time period from where you would like to restore the data. It’s shown in form mm/dd/yyyy.
2. Choose ”Files”.
3. The list shows the date and time when the backup was created. Choose the backup you would like to restore or download from the list.

Varmuuskopioiden palautus

4. Select the files you want to restore. If you want to restore your whole webpage, choose ”public_html”. You can also select single files or for example home folder. Then click on ”Submit”.
Please note that restoring a backup can take some time.

Varmuuskopioiden palautus

Restoring MySQL database

1. First choose a time period from where you would like to restore the data. It’s shown in form mm/dd/yyyy.
2. Choose ”MySQL” and the table you need.
3. The list shows the date and time when the backup was created. Choose the backup you would like to restore or download from the list.
4. You can restore a whole database or just single tables.
5. Click ”Submit”.

Please note that restoring a backup can take some time.

Varmuuskopioiden palautus

Restoring emails

1. First choose a time period from where you would like to restore data. It’s shown in form mm/dd/yyyy.
2. Choose ”Emails” and then the account you would like to restore.
3. The list shows the date and time when the backup was created. Choose the backup you would like to restore from the list.
4. Click ”Submit”.

Please note that restoring a backup can take some time.

Varmuuskopioiden palautus


Go to control panel and click on ”Installer”.
If you have a WordPress plan, you will see ”WordPress-hallinta” instead.
In our WordPress hosting plans WordPress is pre-installed.

Open ”Applications browser” and choose WordPress.

Click on ”install this application”.

Now you can modify the installation settings:
Domain: Select a domain. The drop-down list contains all domains and sub-domains known to be associated with your web hosting control panel login.
Directory: Leave this field empty if you wish to install into the “root” (or home directory, or top-level directory) of the domain.
Automatic update: You can choose if you want WordPress to be updated automatically.
Administrator username and password: You can modify your username and password.
When you are ready, click on ”install” at the bottom of the page.

When the installation is done you can see it in ”My applications” list. You can login to administrator site from link ”www.yourdomain.fi/wp-admin/” (in example picture www.hostingpalveluohje.fi/wp-admin/ ).


The installation

Open ”Installer” from your control panel. If you have one of our WordPress hosting plans you can click on ”WordPress-hallinta”.


If you haven’t used the Installer before, choose ”Applications Browser” and find ”WordPress (blog)”.


Click on ”+Install this application”


Choose your temporary address from ”Domain” drop-down menu. Temporary address is in form http://ip-address/~username, for example
If you want to install WordPress to some specific location (for example temporaryaddress.com/wordpress), write the location to ”Directory”.
Then click ”Install” at the bottom of the page.


WordPress is now installed and ready to use! You can login to administrator site from wp-admin link, for example


Removing the temporary address

When you want to change your temporary address to your actual domain address, you would need to change it in the control panel and in your WordPress administrator page. First go to control panel and ”Installer”. Click on the temporary address wp-admin link (for example


In wp-admin go to ”Settings” and ”General”.


Change the ”WordPress Address (URL)” and ”Site Address (URL)” to your actual domain name (For example: http://hostingpalveluohje.fi).


Go back to the control panel ”Installer” and click on the wrench icon.


Choose ”Files & Tables” tab and change the ”Location” to your actual domain name (Same as in WordPress administrator site). Save the changes you made.



We have noticed that some of our customers have received fake bills for domain renewal and registration. These invoices include “.FI domain hosting”. The messages are scams and can be ignored. Our maintained domains can only be renewed through us and invoices can be seen and can always be paid through our client pages. For example, renewing the .fi domain will cost  15 euros (including VAT 24%).

Please note that the our account number is FI02 1112 3000 3698 57. Our invoices also include the business ID: 2180456-9 , the VAT ID FI21804569 and our company name Suomen Hostingpalvelu Oy. The These fraudulent bills have had a Polish account number starting with the Polish prefix PL.

Example of fraudulent invoice:

Update on June 13, 2017:
Focusing on this news: This scam is not specifically addressed to our customers but is generally targeted at fi-domains. Customers from other service providers have also received scam messages. For more information on Ficora’s news: