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Looking for experienced Javascript/Node developer

We are launching an interesting new product development project. The final goal is to become international. We are now looking for key individuals for the project. After project is done, the product will be maintained and further developed so the job will continue. We are now looking for experienced senior developers who have experience in modern web development. To communicate with us, you need to be fluent in English or Finnish.

We are going to create a small and efficient developer team for this project. Agile development methods will be used. Our office is located in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki (we have also an office in Turku). However it it not important where you do the job as long as you do it efficiently. Of course we will need to have meetings in order to see what has been done and what will you do next. We can then have a meeting in our office or online meeting if needed.

We value following experience
Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, Sass/LESS, Javascript (AngularJS, React, Vue.js), MongoDB, responsive application

We offer:

possibility to work remotely
flexible work and work times
opportunity to impact the project from the start
opportunity to lead other developers
lunch, gym + other benefits
competitive salary

We will also look for 2 other developers from the early start. Please feel free to suggest us other developers or hint to others of this vacancy.

Send us your CV (pdf) to rekrytointi@hostingpalvelu.fi. You can also include an application form.

The funding for this project has been taken care of. Developers will be needed also after the project is done to further develop the product.

Suomen Hostingpalvelu Oy (www.hostingpalvelu.fi) is an agile company based in 2008. We are growing rapidly and we have highest (AAA) creditworthiness. We


Maintenance break on cloud3

We are making an urgent maintenance outage on shared hosting server cloud3 on Tuesday, 27 September, starting at 00.00. Outage length is approximately 1 hour. During the break, the server is transferred to a newer platform.


.fi domain name system maintenance break

.fi domain names cannot be modified between Friday, 2 September 2016 at 16.15 and Monday, 5 September 2016 at 10.00. From 5 September 2016 the so called registry-registrar model will be taken in use and all services related to fi domain names are in future acquired only from an own domain name registrar such as Hostingservice.fi.

Transfering an .fi domain name after the change

After 5 September 2016, when customer wishes to place a domain name under a registrar’s management and does not have a registrar yet, the customer will need a registrar transfer key. The key can be requested at FICORA’s customer service and FICORA sends it directly to the customer.

FI-domain registration and renewal – prices from 5 September

1 year 5 euros

2 year 30 euros

3 year 45 euros

4 year 60 euros

5 year 75euros

Prices include VAT 24%.


Phone customer service on Friday 01.07.2016


You can reach our phone customer service from 10.00 to 15.00.


.FI renewed 2016 – A new operational model for .fi domain names

Ficora is the registry for .fi domain names. From 5 September 2016 a new operation model will be taken in use. This model will clarify the roles of FICORA and registrars. Some restrictions will be removed with the new operational model After the change everyone can register a .fi domain name. Hence also companies and privat persons from outside of Finland can register .fi domain names.

The change means that each domain name holder must have their own registrar. It is the registrar’s duty to administer domain names on behalf of the holder and manage the customer relationship. After the change domains can no longer be registered or renewed directly through Ficora.

Hostingservice.fi (Suomen Hostingpalvelu Oy) will continue to be a .fi domain registrar after the change.
Required actions for .fi domain name holders:
1. If your .fi domain name uses our name servers (ns1.hostingpalvelu.fi ja ns2.hostingpalvelu.fi):
No action is required.

It’s the default settings to use our name servers. If you have not changed them you are using our name servers.

2. If your .fi domain name does not use our name servers (you have changed the name servers):
– Go to the client area and change the authorisation key at the domain page at My domains -> Manage -> Authorisation key.
– If you do not have a authorisation key you can order a new from the address below:
– When the authorisation key is saved, Hostingservice.fi will continue to be your registrar after the change.
-If you domain is not shown at our customer pages, please contact us. You can also order a domain transfer from our order page.

You can find more information about the change at Ficoras website:


You can search for a new domain name at our domain page.


Changes to Domain pricing concerning .com, .net, .org, .info

We have already changed our domain pricing for registering domains. Now it is time to update the renewal price for the domains for our old customers. Price change concerns domains .com, .net, .org and .info. Price change is due to the current value of the euro and to Verisign lifting their prices.

New prices for registering and renewal:
.COM 12,90 €/year
.NET 12,90 €/year
.ORG 12,90 €/year
.INFO 14,90 €/year

New prices will take effect immediately and will be the prices in the new invoices. In case you do not accept the price changes, you may cancel the domain or transfer it. You can cancel a domain using Client Area or by sending our customer support an email. If you do not want to continue a domain, already created invoice will be cancelled.


Maintenance break: Cloud updates on Saturday 6.10 at 02.00

We update our cloud platform Saturday 6.2 during the period 02.00 -06.00 (EET). During this time Cloudserver and shared hosting services will have an about 1 hour-long outage.

The update improves the reliability of the system and fixes a number of bugs. Among other things, the situation in which a physical server is broken and the service is transferred to another physical server should be more stable in the future.


Changing your domains DNS settings

This guide will show how you can manage your domains DNS settings in our service (A, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV). Please notice that it might take several hours before the changes update to the world, so please be patient while making changes to these settings.

Different service providers use different markings on their instructions. Here are the most common ones:

@ -character or an empty field means your domain name, e.g. example.com
www -prefix means your domain name with the prefix, e.g. www.example.com



MX record defines the server that accepts your email messages. MX records are domain spesific so they affect all email addresses under that domain.

1. Open your control panel and choose “Domains” -> “Advanced Zone Editor”.
2. If you have multiple domains in your web hotel package, choose the domain you wish to make changes to and click “Manage”.

New records can be added by using the “Add record” form.
You can edit the existing records by clicking “Edit” next to the record you wish to make changes to.

Name: The name of your domain (in here it is example.fi).
Priority: The server with the lowest priority number will be the primary email server (0 is the highest priority). If multiple servers have the same priority number, messages will be sent to them at random.
Destination: The destination of the server where your mail services are.


Here is an example on how to forward the messages to Google with MX:

Generally it is advised to only use the email records that are needed. For example, if you want to redirect your mails to Google, you should delete all other MX records so that the Google records are the only ones (like in the picture).

Here is an example


Maintenance break: network upgrade on Friday 9.10 at 23:00

We will update our network routing on between Friday 9.10 23:00 and Saturday 10.10 01:00. Our service may experience brief outages during this time.


Price change in Office 365 products

The prices of Office 365 products (Business Premium and Business Essentials) have been changed. New prices with VAT:
Business Premium 147,30 €/year (without VAT monthly price 9,90 €).
Business Essentials 67,00 €/year (without VAT monthly price 4,50 €).